Kulu Group Holdings is a well established Civil Engineering Construction and Mining Company with the Capacity to undertake any contracts of any magnitude. In line with Kulu group Holdings principles and ethos, we strive to ensure that contracts are delivered timeously whilst producing quality workmanship and providing competitive pricing.
One building block of the success of Kulu group Holdings, is the relationships developed over the years with clients, financiers, suppliers and staff. Kulu Group Holdings enjoys working in a team environment and strives to create a “working together” relationship with all stakeholders to achieve an atmosphere of trust and co-operation.

A key company principles is to “invest in people” which has proven to be it’s greatest success. Kulu Group Holdings has over 15 years of contracting experience, with many of it’s staff long serving. This has ensured stability, consistency, quality and reliability in the work that is produced. Kulu Group Holdings expertise covers a wide range of Civil Engineering Construction and Mining activities, as set out in the schedule of “Services”. Historically most of the focus has been in Kwazulu Natal and Johannesburg, however the operation has now expanded to other provinces within South Africa and abroad to countries like Botswana,DRC,
Angola and Mozambique.


The main driving division within the group is Civils division named.Kulu Civils, which was founded in February 2005 to promote community development through the provision of Professional Engineering services in the field of Construction and Project Management, whilst at the same time promoting the development of previously disadvantaged individuals through training and education in the field of Civil Engineering.


Since Kulu Group Holdings establishment, the company has grown and is still growing at a rapid pace as it is now expanding to the whole of South Africa and even abroad to countries such as Angola (which is our biggest African Client) and Mozambique.


Our Recent Award is "For most jobs created" Awarded to us by Shanduka Black Umbrellas